Fat Melters In The Form Of Lipo Lasers

Fat has always remained an inevitable part of human life. Broadly categorised into saturated and, unsaturated ones, these fats are designated on the basis of their suitability for human life. While saturated fats are helpful for the species in some ways, the unsaturated ones are harmful in some other ways as well.

Lipo LaserIn the case of using a third generation fat melting device Tripolar Radio Frequency technology has proved to be very effective and, innovative. This device has subdued the limitations of monopolar and, bipolar technologies thus, settling a benchmark for its competitors struggling to deepen their roots in the world of lipo lasers.

Moving on to the treatments offered by these devices one cannot neglect

  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and, wrinkles.
  • Rejuvenation of skin keeping it firm.
  • Reduction in the appearance of cellulite.
  • Improvement in the appearance of stretch marks.

Tripolar Radio Frequency technology offers painless fat melting techniques. It focusses radio frequency energy on the skin surface and, subcutaneous fat layers thus, melting them up gradually. The results from the treatment are visible immediately. To improvise the results a patient is always advised to undergo a series of treatments using a controlled energy on a limited treatment area via three or, more electrodes.

Being non focussing, the first generation and, second generation RF technologies have failed to acquire full utilisation of themselves. Therefore, the practice of using a third generation fat melting device got scaled up thus, providing a boost to lipo lasers. The former ones cause pain and, are likely to facilitate burns and, skin damage. On the other hand, the latter one doesn’t overheat because of sophisticated control algorithms. Its safer, more efficient and, requires a shorter treatment duration.

When fat cells are heated metabolism of the body gets accelerated. The same concept is well utilised by lipo lasers to burn the body out of fats. With increase in temperature, fat cells produce fatty acids which gets further disposed off via the blood and, lymph system thus, bringing back health to the homosapien.